Team Membership

As well as joining Landlord Law as an individual, we also have our 'Teams' membership.  This will allow a business to allocate a number of places to its staff.  The advantages of Teams membership are:

  • It is considerably cheaper than buying a membership on an individual basis (the discount increases the larger the team membership)
  • If a member of your team leaves your staff you can switch their team membership to another employee - whereas an individual membership belongs to the individual member and they can take it with them when they go.

Team memberships:

Duo - this is aimed at two people working together, such as

  • Husband and wife
  • Landlord and assistant or secretary
  • Business partners

Small office team membership for up to 5 team members, and

Large Office team membership for up to 10 team members

You will find further details here.

How to join and set up your team membership

  • On the product page, before you buy the membership, you will need to set your team name.  Ideally, this should be the name of your Business - such as ABC Properties of XYZ Letting Agency.
  • You should then make payment using your credit or debit card (we can only accept online applications paid by card).  
  • Once you have paid you will be logged in and re-directed to our Teams welcome page.
  • You will also be sent a receipt, an email from our purchase system and also an email from our Infusionsoft mailing system with information.
  • To set your team members you need to go to your My Account area - either click the link in the emails or click the green welcome button with your name on at the top of the screen, then scroll down and click the green 'My Account' button.
  • You will see a button there called 'Teams'.  Click this.  
  • You will see that you will have one or more 'seats' to allocate, depending on the team membership you have purchased.  'Seat' is the system name for 'Team member'.
  • To add new members click the 'Add Member' button.  
  • Enter the email of the member to be added and select whether you want them to be a 'manager' or just a 'team member' and click tp add them.  They will then receive an invitation via email.
  • Do this until you have invited all your team members (see below for guidance for Team Members)

Managing your team

Team Managers - you can manage your team via the Teams section of your My Account.  The sections there are as follows:

  • Members - in this section you can see all your team members.  There are buttons to the right to allow you to remove them or to make them a manager
  • Add member - as discussed above, if you want to add a new member
  • Team Settings - here you can change your team name and see details of your team plan.  The Billing link on this page will take you to a page with information about your Team subscription and the cancel button if you want to cancel your team membership.

Team members - what to do when you are invited

  • When you get your email inviting you to the Team Membership, follow the link.  This will take you to a screen where you can register as a user on the site.  Complete the information and click the 'Register' Button.
  • Once you have done this you will be re-directed to a screen where you can join the team.  Complete the process by clicking the 'Join Team' button.
  • You will then be re-directed to the Members Dashboard and will be able to use the site as a member.

Points for Teams

Teams get allocated more points on joining and on renewal than individual members but all the points get allocated to the team leader.  It is possible for the points to be passed to individual team members but that will have to be done manually by admin.  

If you would like to allocate some of your team points to individual members let us know and we can arrange to do that for you.

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