Can I change the number of emails you send me?

There is a lot going on at Landlord Law services so we do tend to send out quite a few emails.  If you want to reduce this number this article explains how to do it.  However first note that

We have two mailing systems:

  1. The mailings associated with purchasing items, and
  2. The information and marketing emails

Mailings associated with purchasing items

These are sent out by our 'shopping cart' system which (for those who are interested) is the WooCommerce system.  These include:

  • Receipts for payments
  • Notifications that your renewal payment is due or
  • Confirmations about cancellations and the like

Under the data protection legislation, these are 'contractual' emails sent with information about your contract with us (ie purchase).  We are legally entitled to send these and so there is no option to cancel these emails.  Unless of course, you mark them as spam.  But this is not a good idea as you may then miss, for example, a notification that a payment is due.

Our information and marketing emails

These are sent out by our Infusionsoft contact management system.  They include the following:

  1. The Weekly Bulletin
  2. Information about any product you have purchased (for example Landlord Law membership or an online course)
  3. Information about any training event you are booked on - for example, the Conference and our face to face workshops
  4. Notifications to Landlord Law members about membership benefits - such dates for the training webinars, and new services we are making available to members
  5. Notifications to everyone on our mailing list about new training events, free webinars and the like
  6. Free info series which we sent out from time to time
  7. Mailings about new products or services we are making available

Now it is possible to unsubscribe from ALL mailings sent by our Infusionsoft system - you do this by clicking the small grey 'unsubscribe' link at the foot of all emails.  However, if you do this you will then stop getting the Weekly Bulletin and other emails you may want to receive (for example if you have booked on the Conference).  So we do not recommend this.

Note that there is no easy way for you to say 'I only want to get the Weekly Bulletin and nothing else'.  The Infusionsoft system does not support this.  

What you can do instead is unsubscribe, one by one, from the mailings you don't want.  So if we are sending out a free info series - take a look at the bottom of the email.  There will be a section, normally headed 'Why am I getting this email' where you will be able to click a link which will stop you getting any more of that series of emails.  So clicking that will not stop you getting, for example, the Weekly Bulletin.

If you have unsubscribed by mistake

You can always contact us and if possible we can reverse the unsubscription.  However, if you have clicked the general unsubscribe link we will need to send a special email to you with a link for you to click.  Once you have clicked that you will once again start to get emails from us.

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