How your name details are used on Landlord Law

There are two places where you can amend your name:

  • In your My Account area and
  • In your forum profile 'Account' section

The 'My Account' Area

Let's take a look at your My Account area first.  You get here from your  Member Dashboard which you will find linked from the green button at the top of the header (when you are logged in) which has your name on it.

Click this and then scroll down to the green 'My Account' button.  Then click the 'Account details' button.  This will take you to a page where you can change your name, your display name and also your email and password.

  • The first and last name at the top are the ones used in your CPD certificate - when you take the monthly CPD questionnaire
  • The display name is the name shown next to your posts on the forum

So if you don't want your real name to show on the forum you can change this to whatever you like.  See the image below which is of the account details page for one of our test accounts:

The forum Profile area

Go to the members' forum, hover your mouse over the 'My Profile' item in the top menu and then click 'Account' in the drop-down menu (If you find this takes you to another profile - click the link on your name in one of your posts).  

You will see that your 'Username' - which is the username you selected when you joined Landlord Law is at the top.  This cannot be changed.  But under this is a box where you can change your display name - see the image below for the profile account of our test member:

Note that there seems to be a bit of a quirk in the forum system in that it will only allow you access to amend your account details once you have published a post on the forum.  So maybe if you want to post something, do so and then quickly go and amend your details.  Or do a 'test post' somewhere and then go back and delete it after you have amended your account details.

Hopefully, this guidance page will help you to change your name for use in the forum and on your CPD certificates.  If you have any questions - put them in the forum (assuming you are a member) in the 'How to use this forum' section.

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