Using the Landlord Law Forum

See our video on using the forum and then read the notes below:

Important - since the video was recorded we have added a new introduce yourself section right at the top and moved the questions section up so it is easier to find.  PLEASE if you have a question - ask it in the questions section.


The members' forum is an important part of the Landlord Law service.  This is a private space (ONLY Landlord Law members can view the posts) where you can:

  • Ask questions about the site
  • Ask questions about legal or practical issues which are bothering you (which you cannot find answers for on the site content)
  • Make suggestions for new site content, and
  • Have discussions with other members

The forum can be found via a link on the 'Services' menu on the site header and it is also linked from many of our articles and FAQ.  

Or you can ยป go here .  If you are not logged in as a Landlord Law member you will see the forum page itself but none of the topics or posts.

Please note that we can only answer legal or similar questions for members in the forum.  So please can you use the forum and not send requests for advice via email or the contact form.  

Note that the forum uses totally different forum software from the forum on the old Landlord Law site.  It is considerably more user-friendly and up to date, so please do not confuse using this forum with using the old forum.


There is a very small search icon at the top right - it is a small magnifying glass.  Click that and a search box will appear.

Post Types

Most of the sections in the forum operate in the standard way of all forums.  

  • If you want to start a new topic you click the green 'Add topic' button
  • If you want to reply to someone's post on an existing topic you complete the reply form below it.

However, the 'Your questions' section of the site is different.  This has a 'question and answer' format.  When someone asks a question you can post an 'Answer' to the question.  You can also post comments on both the question and the answers.  

If you like the question or the answers you can also vote them up (or down if you disagree with them).  

Note that you can always find the most recent posts by clicking the 'Recent posts' link on the dark blue bar at the top of the page.

Please, please, post in the right section

This is really important.  Many people read the forum and find the answers helpful.  However to allow people to find answers on a specific topic we need to keep some sort of order in the forum.  

So if you have a question, say, on tenancy deposits, do not ask it in the 'Introduce yourself' section - as that is just for introductions.  Other members with a tenancy deposit issue will not look there for answers.  They will look in the Answers section dedicated to tenancy deposit issues.  

If questions are posted in the wrong part of the forum we will move the post if we can.  However often this is impossible, in which case we will just respond asking you to repost in the correct place.

Points for using the forum

You can also earn points by using the forum:

  • You can earn 20 points by completing your forum profile (there is some guidance on this in the forum > Using Landlord Law > How to use this forum section)
  • You also earn 1 point every time you post a new topic or reply, or anything in the Your questions section.

If you have any problems or issues using the forum

Please, can you post a question in the How to use this forum section?  Then the answer will help all forum users.

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