How to print out a page

The Landlord Law service and also the online courses and kits are only provided as web pages.  We do not provide any printed products which are sent out to you by post.

The reason for this is that landlord and tenant law is constantly changing and by having our content as web pages it is easy for us to amend them and keep them up to date. As our pages are all mobile friendly, it also means that you can read them from any device including your smartphone.  Which is very convenient.  

However many people prefer to read printed documents rather than on the screen. If so you will need to print out the pages.

It is very easy to do this although the precise procedure will depend on what web browser you are using.  As the web browsers may also change their process or the location of the printing item on their menus, it is best that you do a search.  This can be 'How do I print a webpage' or if you know (for example) that you are using Chrome ask 'How do I print a webpage in Chrome'.  Or Firefox, or whatever browser you happen to be using.

Take a look at the print instructions - often they will give you a preview of the item to be printed, so you can tell your system not to print certain pages.  For example, the final pages may just be the footer and links and you will not want this.  You may also be able to select back to back printing (which will save paper) if your printer supports this.

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