What is Landlord Law?

Landlord Law is a membership site for private residential landlords and is the main service provided on the Landlord Law Services website.  It is aimed mainly at private landlords but is also very useful for letting agents and anyone working in the private rented sector.

So if you are a landlord - how can Landlord Law help YOU?

In a nutshell - it will help you understand your legal obligations and provide online help and documentation so you can save money by doing these things yourself without making expensive mistakes.

Landlord Law is a paid subscription service and you can either make monthly payments or save money on long-term membership by paying annually.  There are two levels of membership -

  • Basic - this is a cut-down version of Landlord Law aimed more at experienced landlords who just want to use the documents and maybe look up a point in the FAQ
  • Business - this is the 'full' service and includes our legal checklists, some of our online training, access to the video library and the Eviction Guide.  The Eviction Guide is a very detailed guide to bringing a claim for possession through the courts without using a solicitor which can save you a lot of money.

Find out more about the difference between the two types of membership here .

You can find details of our services and pricing via this page.

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